3 thoughts on “Duke & Pearson. 2021). The Science of Reading Comprehension Instruction

  1. Word Definition Pg. 2: synergies – “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” (Oxford Languages)
    I did not know the word synergies before reading this article. I think I had heard it in a science context, but never applied to literacy. It does make sense to me, though, that skills such as reading comprehension would work alongside other methods to produce a greater level of learning.
    Ella Fisher


  2. “one’s purpose for reading also affects comprehension” Pg. 4-
    This has a very large implication for me, as a future teacher, because I will be forced to think about how my students will learn best. From this paragraph, I have concluded that I have to let my students know the reason that they are assigned a certain text (whether it be online or printed). This will ensure that the student is focused on the text and builds comprehension. If a student doesn’t know why they have to do something, they are less likely to put effort and care into what they are reading.
    Ella Fisher


  3. In fact, a recent systematic review and meta-analysis found
    that motivational reading interventions, such as fostering reading interest through hands-on activities, offering choices, and providing process-oriented feedback, produced significant, positive effects on students’ reading motivations and reading comprehension (McBreen & Savage, 2020). Pg. 7 –
    This passage also has large implications for my future as an educator. This has shown me that giving students a choice in what they read will help motivate them to retain the information. I can use this in the context of picking a specific genre for the class to read, and then letting each student individually choose a book from that genre to write about or report on. Motivational reading has a much better outcome than forced reading.
    Ella Fisher


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