During Reading | Lent, Inquiry & Planning for the Final Project

Let’s use the occasion of this upcoming week’s during-reading experience to brainstorm, develop and even refine ideas for our final project. As you know, for the next week or so, we’ll be reading Releah Lent’s chapter 4 about inquiry and disciplinary literacy. And as we discussed in class, your final project is to involve inquiry into the disciplinary literacy of your discipline. As well, I’ve invited your contribution to the co-design of the final project.

Yes, five (5) comments are still required. However, for each comment, focus on developing an inquiry project about disciplinary literacy.

Already, we’ve discussed a few ideas for a final project. There is a resurfacing theme of a lesson plan accompanied by a discussion and analysis of how elements of the lesson plan relate to aspects of disciplinary literacy that we’ve been studying this semester. Some people have suggested a group project, others have suggested working in pairs. While writing this I developed a few additional thoughts including:

  • What if you had a choice to work individually, with one or two partners, though only for the lesson planning part of the project?
  • For this project, whether your major is primary, middle child, or adolescent and young adult, choose a single discipline to help your focus.
  • I’d like to suggest that at least one part of your discussion and analysis, about one aspect of disciplinary literacy, be expanded to include an additional reading that advances your discussion and analysis.
  • While everyone would be responsible for their own written discussion and analysis, I am open to the discussion and analysis taking the form of a threaded discussion, like this threaded during-readings project.
  • If you like the idea of a threaded discussion and analysis, what if they were multimodel, including text, still images, podcasts, digital comic strips, video,… whatever modality it needs to be?

Lent, Releah. 2016. This is Disciplinary Literacy. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Literacy. Chapter 4 Inquiry within the Disciplines. pp. 103-143.

Due before class begins next week | Five (5) comments in all focusing on developing an inquiry project about disciplinary literacy –>

  • One nearer to the beginning,
  • One towards the middle, and
  • One closer to the conclusion.
  • Two additional comments.
  • Two replies to other reader’s comments.

 Types of Comments –>

  • Reply to someone else’s comment
  • Word Definition → with a reference to a dictionary.
  • Interpretation of a few sentences –> This is what I think this means and this why it is important.
  • Implications for → 1). myself as a reader 2). my work as a teacher.
  • Question → Thoughtfully asked about something you don’t understand.