Preliminary Lesson Sketch (integrating text sets)

The objective of this small group learning experience is to design a preliminary sketch for a text set.

  1. Identify an anchor text and discuss it within your group.
  2. The emphasis of your text set is to build on factual knowledge and to develop conceptual understanding of the anchor text.
  3. Use Bloom’s taxonomy to write a learning objective with an active higher order verb: By the end of the lesson, I will be able to…
  4. Design the lesson to be relevant and engaging for students.
  5. Identify five (5) texts (monomodal and multimodal) to include in your text set.
  6. For each text, write a sentence discussing how it relates to the anchor text and/or other included texts.
  7. Briefly discuss how your Text Set Lesson Sketch is designed to scaffold student learning.

I invite you to collaborate in a shared Google Doc environment and to post your Preliminary Lesson Sketch Google Doc to your blog. Please title the post “Preliminary Lesson Sketch,” include a brief description and a still image that represents the lesson sketch.