The Disciplines in the Material World, a Differentiated Learning Blog

Mathematics, science, social studies and language arts are the primary disciplines recognized in K-12 education. For this project, I invite you to write about how your chosen discipline is relevant and interesting to you. In the material world, beyond the schoolhouse, these disciplines are ever present; they are there like life its self.

Between now and when we return from break, please author at least four blog posts about your chosen discipline as you encounter it in the material world. Each post should be ~250 words or one page.

For each post:

Each post is to include at least one unique photograph and/or video and/or audio recording that you produce to document an object or event from your lived experience that you can discuss in relationship to your chosen discipline.*

Describe the unique photograph and/or video and/or audio recording. (Consider using or adapting the worksheet produced by the National Archives that we used previously to scaffold your descriptions).

Beneath the photograph, video and/or audio recording, include a caption that helps the reader understand why you created and embedded it in your blog for this project.

Discuss how and why this photograph, video and/or audio recording and what it refers to relates to your discipline or the interdisciplinary theme you selected (if primary education). Referencing an article to support your discussion is most welcome.

*If you are studying primary education, you are welcome to select a discipline or an interdisciplinary theme for your focus. For those in middle childhood education, please select one of your disciplines for this project.

Each photograph and entry is to be distinct from the other three or more.

How to upload and embed a picture on your blog

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