Using Multimodal Text Sets to Support Conceptual Understanding

What are Text Sets p.77

  • Differentiated collections of print, non-print, and multimodal texts focused on a common topic, theme, concept, essential question, or anchor text 
  • Use multiple texts to guide instruction.
  • Types of texts not limited to Photograph, Infographic, Video, Chart, Map, Website, Graph, Book, Web Cam, Comic Strip/Cartoon, Concept Map, and more
  • Materials for text sets are purposefully chosen to:
    • 1. Support and deepen students understanding of concepts
    • 2. Scaffold reading of increasingly complex texts,
    • 3. Teach strategies for reading multiple texts, and
    • 4. Provide different perspectives on a concept.

1. Designing Text Sets for Conceptual Development p. 80

To develop conceptual knowledge, the necessary conditions for teachers to consider when creating text sets include:

  • Activate students’ existing knowledge, and
  • Relevant, engaging and interesting to students
  • Provide new information and experiences that allow students to make connections to further develop a concept. 

When engaging with text sets to build conceptual knowledge, students need to:

  • Discover patterns and connections among ideas,
  • Think critically i.e. evaluate the truth of these understandings based on the supporting evidence provided in the texts, and
  • Transfer the new understandings across time or situations.

Concept Oriented Reading Instruction CORI

  • Engaging students and creating interest, and
  • Teaching students:
    • Strategies for accessing information from different types of texts,
    • How to synthesize information from a range of sources to construct meaning and conceptual understanding,
    • How to communicate with a range of different audiences.

2. Scaffolding Concept-Based Instruction with Text Sets p. 82

  • First, what is scaffolding?
  • Discuss and explain the following (Jigsaw in small groups).
    • Hierarchical Scaffolding
    • Quad text sets
    • Linked text sets
    • Anchor text sets

Resources for Primary Sources p. 87

  • Library of Congress
  • National Archives
  • Others?

3. Reading Moving Images, Political Cartoons and Photographs p. 92

(Follow this link to a worksheet)